Brett Foreman

Brett Foreman, co-founder of Foreman Productions, Inc. and lead manager of The Brett Foreman Band in Southwest Florida
Brett Foreman
(239) 217-4400

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, on the planet Partonius, one lavish party lasted all day and all night – every day – for thousands of years.  Their leader, Brett Foreman, was never satisfied until every single person was on the floor, dancing to the music, and having the time of their life.  Unfortunately, a neighboring planet found out about all of the fun being had on Partonius and hatched an evil plan to blow up the planet and stop the party forever.

After discovering this plot, Brett vowed to bring the party to his friends as long as he could and prayed to the party gods that they would save Partonius and all who enjoyed life there.  After multiple sounds checks and rigorous warm-ups, Brett took the stage in Partonius for the final time, anticipating this finale soiree.  As he struck the first chord, the heavens opened up and a beam of light shone down upon Brett who was then magically lifted and saved from Partonius and brought to Earth to party with us.  It was clear the party gods favored Brett, his talent and his work ethic for those who come to party with him.

For those who have ever been to a party where Brett Foreman is entertaining, you know this story – while not exactly true – highlights Brett’s ability to not only care deeply about his clients’ desires, but also to bring the party unlike any other band leader can.

Brett accomplishes this through experience based critical thinking rooted with 1,000s of shows and extensive training that began with the ‘Art of the Party’ curriculum at The Ritz-Carlton Philadelphia. Combining this event experience, and natural inclination for understanding a client’s vision, Brett is able to transcend that vision into a reality.

Brett Foreman has taken his 20 plus years of event experience in SWFL and expanded his band into a brand with the help of business partner Mitchell Rossell and through training band members with the highest attention to detail, from aesthetically pleasing equipment arrangements, to client expectations. No room is left for error when the party relies on Brett Foreman!

He has 5-star ratings within the online community proceeding countless successful events ranging from any size wedding to huge corporate functions. Also, Brett has forged excellent relationships within the event planning community that allow Brett to connect with a bride-to-be or an event coordinator from across the country and make them feel at home here in beautiful Naples, Florida.