Mitch Rossell

Mitch Rossell
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Mitch Rossell got his start in the Event Industry 15 years ago when he built The Foliage Factory. Hailing from Michigan, with a love for the outdoors, he was fascinated with the beautiful tropical landscape in South Florida. His daughter Lindsey shared his love for botanicals and nature. It became a “fun” job for him, as together father and daughter explored all the natural beauty throughout this gorgeous state. Learning of our native foliage eventually led to collecting and planting on his property in Naples, FL.

Eventually, Mitch’s many friends in the SWFL event industry that had the pleasure of viewing his collection, coaxed him to bring some of the warmth and presence his plantings offered to a few of their events. Soon, he was off and running. Quitting his “day job” allowed him to focus on what now has become a 40,000 SQ Foot greenhouse facility with a state of the art hydration and shading system.

Mitch perfected the delivery of these event elements to the 5-star hotels and country clubs in South Florida and a star was born. Spending just a few years in the event industry Mitch quickly saw many of the things that could be done better and began to branch out.

Starting with entertainment, which grew naturally (pun intended) through his friendship with local South Florida Musician, Brett Foreman. Mitch and Brett built the fastest-growing entertainment company in Florida.

Their company, Foreman Productions, employs over 60 musicians and DJs and has gained a reputation in Florida for quality, great sound, professionalism and best of all – fun parties!

Today, Mitch spends his days at Niche Event Rentals and Foreman Productions headquarters, in the heart of Naples, Florida. You can almost always find him in his modest office planning the most happening events anyone has ever seen. By combining the warmth of Florida’s living landscape with a focus on the importance of great entertainment, Mitch Rossell is now able to assemble the perfect combination of high energy entertainment, cutting edge furniture, and live d├ęcor to create an unforgettable day. His coworkers/friends will all agree that he does it with an effortless style and grace that must be experienced to be believed.