The Ex Bachelors

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The Ex Bachelors were formed as an original group of talented musicians in 2011 playing some great original songs and also some of their favorite rock & roll and blues songs.  One night, an amazing phenomenon occurred, each Ex-Bachelor in his own home simultaneously experienced a feverish vision…a group of angels named Otis, Marvin, James,  Sam and Dave descended from above and said unto them “Thou shalt deliver classic Motown and Soul music to your world, beginning in Southwestern Florida, and you are instructed to do so with conviction and heart; for the masses are craving songs that will touch them deeply and move them a little bit closer to heavenly bliss.”  To this they simultaneously replied: “Uh.  Okay.”

The rest as they say is history.

The band has been performing the greatest soul tunes in and around Florida since early 2012, gaining a great following of young, old and somewhere in between.

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