The Ex Bachelors

About The Band

The Ex Bachelors were formed as a group of talented musicians in 2011 playing original songs and also some of their favorite blues and rock & roll. One night, an amazing phenomenon occurred, each Ex-Bachelor in his own home simultaneously experienced a feverish vision…a group of angels named Otis, Marvin, James, Sam and Dave descended from above and said unto them: “Thou shalt deliver classic Motown and Soul music to your world, beginning in Southwestern Florida, and you are instructed to do so with conviction and heart; for the masses are craving songs that will touch them deeply and move them closer to heavenly bliss!” To this they simultaneously replied: “Uh…okay.”

The rest, as they say, is history.

The band has been performing the greatest soul tunes in and around Florida since early 2012, gaining a great following of young, old and somewhere in between.


Ready to Dance the Night Away?