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News Alert: We Are Venue Consultants!

Indoor luxury wedding venue, one of many venues available to Foreman Productions Inc. venue consultants in Southwest Florida

Guess what? We’ve worked at hundreds of venues over the years. Why should you care? Because it means we have insider knowledge: all the ins and outs, the low-down details, and behind-the-scenes-scoops on all the venues in Southwest Florida. We have decided to put that knowledge to use for our clients by offering venue consultations. Not sure what is the best place to hold your wedding or special event? Let us walk you through some of our top picks based on your most important search criteria: waterfront venues, golf course views, hotel properties, private residence rentals…the options are endless in Southwest Florida.

Let us know what’s a priority; what style and atmosphere are you after? We’ll put together a list of our top venues we know will complement the look and feel of what you are after.  Since we have worked at countless locations throughout the Naples, Marco Island, and beyond, we know of venues that many people are completely unaware of. As we walk you through these venues, we’ll give you behind the scenes tips of what works, what doesn’t, and what musical entertainment is the best fit for the space you fall in love with.

There are many considerations to take into account that you would not discover until you were neck deep in the planning stages, things like noise ordinances, power limitations, setup/breakdown times, and room configurations. We know all these behind-the-scenes details that could have a huge affect on the quality of your celebration. These factors may also involve hidden expenses that would emerge much later in the planning process if you were going at it alone.

Last but not least, we want to connect you to all the amazing industry contacts that are a good fit for your specific venue. If you like a certain venue, we’ll connect you to just the right caterer we know will do a fabulous job at that venue. Do you want fireworks to conclude your evening? We’ll connect you to the company that has done it for us there before. There are so many ins-and-outs and behind-the-scenes details that we only know because we have been there before! As our clients, we want you to benefit from our extensive experience. Let us help you find your venue, contacts, and entertainment!

Give us a call at 239-217-4400 and we’ll get the ball rolling on your venue consultation. Do this before you fly down to Southwest Florida so we can arrange all your walkthroughs for you, and schedule your consultations as well. Let us make wedding and party planning an easy process for you.

Looking forward to talking to you!