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Musician playing the piano warming up before a Naples, Florida event

If you are reading this, you just might be planning a wedding. You also might be in the process of figuring out what kind of music you want for your big day. Securing your wedding day musicians should be at the very top of your list of vendors, just shortly after the booking of your venue. The reason why you need to prioritize this decision is because the best bands and DJ’s often book 12-15 months in advance. We pride ourselves in being one of the most reputable entertainment companies and offer some of the most diverse entertainment options in all of South Florida.

Brides have found that going through our agency to secure all of their musicians, from welcome parties to ceremonies and wedding reception, is one of the most secure ways to find quality entertainers. It’s a huge time saver to just have one point of contact to handle several musical vendors who are all under one “roof”. Using an agency like ours is an insurance policy on your wedding entertainment. You won’t have to spend a second worrying about how well they will perform or if they will deliver. Foreman Productions has become the entertainment resource for many of the luxury venues located in Naples & Marco Island as well as professional wedding planners. Why? Because we deliver quality entertainers at the most competitive prices.

One important aspect of wedding day music is the entertainers role between the different phases of the event. Their music helps your guests transition smoothly from one part of the day to the next. From ceremony music and cocktail hour to wedding reception and the after-party, we make it seamless. Our musicians are accustomed to partnering with each other and always work well together as team.

Another major factor is the fact that your bandleader or DJ is the emcee for your wedding reception. Having someone who knows how to tactfully handle delays, switch gears at a moment’s notice, and works well with other vendors is ABSOLUTELY KEY to having a smooth and fun reception. We cannot stress this enough! Any wedding day professional will endorse this because it makes all the difference in the world!

Our brides have also been able to economize by having some of the musicians from the band they choose handle their ceremony, then have other band members provide the cocktail hour entertainment. From there, guests transition into the dinner reception and get the “full effect” as the evening’s entertainment kicks into high gear.

There are so many decisions to make when planning a wedding, and many of those are music related decisions. Selecting the wrong band or DJ for your wedding can make or break your day in SO many important ways. Why even take that chance? Being able to streamline a good bit of your wedding day decisions with one point of contact makes your planning process, and even more importantly your wedding day, run as smooth as silk.

Stay tuned for this month’s series of blog posts. We are going to be giving top planning tips on how to create “the soundtrack for your wedding day”, all sorts of unique ideas on how to ease your planning, and how to have your wedding day music reflect you as a couple.

The possibilities are endless! We’re here to help you narrow your focus and find what’s right for your wedding day!

Until next time!!