The Wedding Reception

Well today’s post is all about THE WEDDING RECEPTION!!! This is the centerpiece of the evening and helps celebrate the...

Well today’s post is all about THE WEDDING RECEPTION!!! This is the centerpiece of the evening and helps celebrate the joining of the bride and groom and your families. This is the part of the evening when you want your personalities to come out and as well as bring in touches of your families’ heritage, which is really fun element for your guests. Whether you want a fun dance band like Winslow and The Rockefellers, or a high energy 8 piece band like The Brett Foreman Band or maybe even a DJ like DJ BoTY. We have dozens of options at our disposal no matter your style.

Here are some of the questions you should ask as you are trying to determine what style music you want and what would work with your venue:

  1. When you turn on the radio, what are the top three styles of songs you gravitate towards?
  2. Are there any secondary styles you want just a touch of, but don’t necessarily want the entire evening to consist of?
  3. What is your budget for musical entertainment? Is this just your reception budget, or do you need this to cover cocktails and wedding ceremony as well?
  4. Are there any cultural songs you want played?
  5. How many hours is your reception?
  6. Is there a cutoff time at your venue that will not allow amplified music to be played past a certain point?
  7. How much power is at your disposal for the band(and all vendors)?
  8. How much time before guests walk in to your reception will your vendors have access to the space to set up?

Some of these are style questions, budget questions and logistical questions. All are important in helping you narrow down your options to find exactly what you want and can realistically do with the parameters at your disposal.

Keep in mind that a band and a DJ will need to take short breaks through the night. In the past, we have had couples who want non-stop music and an emcee from the moment guests walked into their reception and playing till the moment they left. In these cases, we have had clients hire a band who played through portions and a DJ who played through other portions of the evening. Another reason why couples have chosen a band/DJ combo is because they loved the energy that a live band offers, but they had certain songs that they just LOVE just as they are. This approach comes in very handy when you have an extremely broad variety of songs that the couples wanted played, or even had some cultural songs that they also wanted interspersed throughout the evening.

All of our entertainers and bands have worked together in some capacity to ensure that the flow of the evening is flawlessly maintained and the transition between one phase and the next is smooth and seamless. Trust me, this is not a cliché selling point, but these are things that you really don’t value until you have had the opportunity to attend an event where these transitions are NOT handled well.

We would love to have the opportunity to talk to you about what you envision, what your style and personalities are and how we can bring that to life with your wedding day entertainment! We welcome the conversation and look forward to talking! After all, we are in the business of making your event absolutely spectacular!

Give us a ring at 239-217-4400.

Talk soon!!

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